BlueBase is the authentication system that uses a MySQL database coupled with a small python script and a PHP dashboard to create an easy way for administrators to manage OpenVPN users in a similar way to Access Server (which is a commercial product). This project was rolled out as a it meets the last needs of the BlueBust project which was a problem of scalability. The PKI offered through the easy-rsa module within OpenVPN is very nice and secure, as well as more convenient for users, but it presented bad aspects for administrators and privacy. Once a user is made, they have to be permanently accounted for, while in BlueBase a user can be deleted and it will have no record to authenticate against. PKI doesn't allow this because the certificate was already signed, and to remove access to the server after the fact needs to place it in a revocation list. Also many people need to raise funds and have a financial incentive to setup a system like this, which expiration dates help facilitate by allowing people to charge for access and have automatic disabling if the user has not paid.

It is a very secure system as it uses Bcrypt, a hashing algorithm designed specifically for passwords. Also the user isn't even returned by the database if it has been expired or disabled, which means it will be impossible to authenticate even with the correct credentials. The full source code and manual for installing is available on GitHub for download.

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